Draft Horse Digest Podcast – Bonus Ep 3 – Judging Loveland w Kyle Forsyth

In this bonus episode of the Draft Horse Digest Podcast we are chatting with Kyle Forsyth about his recent judging assignment in Loveland, Colorado.  Some of the nation’s top hitches were present for this show and Kyle was given the difficult task of putting them in order.  We discuss what he looks for in a hitch and get his insight into some other draft horse related topics while we have him on the line.  This is a great episode with a top notch horsemen!  We discuss:

  • Kyle’s overall view of the Loveland show
  • What hitches stood out to Kyle
  • What Kyle looks for when judging a show
  • The North American Six Horse Hitch Classic Series Competition
  • How the Classic Series works
  • How Kyle and other horsemen and women are working toward taking the Classic Series to the next level
country lane belgians
Kyle exhibiting the Country Lane Belgians hitch of geldings at the MGLI. Photo Credit: Shelby Peyton.

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