Draft Horse Digest Podcast – Bonus Ep 4 – Judging Review: 2016 National Percheron Show

In this Bonus Episode of the Podcast we discuss the 2016 National Percheron Show with Duane Miller of Millerview Belgians.  Duane provides his thoughts on the show, and elaborates on the things he looks for in a draft horse and the factors that went into his decisions when putting the halter horses in order that day.

Anderson's Bentley
National Champion Percheron Stallion, Anderson’s Bentley- Sired by Windermere’s North American Maid out of Yasmine (by Dreamtime’s Silverado)
BP Aaliyah
BP Aaliyah, National Champion Percheron Mare and Best of Breed- sired by All Star’s Samson out of Anderson’s Whitney (by Rocket’s All Star Flash)


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2 thoughts on “Draft Horse Digest Podcast – Bonus Ep 4 – Judging Review: 2016 National Percheron Show”

  1. An excellent podcast with Duane Miller. A must listen for mare owners looking to breed their horses. While pedigree is important, Duane notes the desired conformation and movement from a judges point of view, that may be important to consider when choosing the right stallion for your mare. At the 2014 WPC I happened to sit down behind a woman whom stated she had 5 mares she was going to breed…she was there to see who the winning stallion would be “because she was going to breed all 5 of her mares to *that* stud”. I was speechless (a phenomenon in itself) thinking to myself….”I wonder if her mares are all cookie cutter perfect in conformation and movement?” “This woman doesn’t have a clue to what she is doing”. Enjoyed this podcast. Thank you Mr Miller.

    1. Thanks for listening Anita, I am glad you found Duane’s insights to be beneficial!

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