Draft Horse Digest Podcast – Ep 14 – The Famous Congolaise w Corbly Orndorff

We have a very special episode today with Corbly Orndorff of Orndorff Belgians.  Corbly provides us with some amazing breed history and the lineage and legacy of the famous Congolaise line that continues to shape the Belgian breed to this day.  This is a special opportunity to hear some of the foundational history behind one of the most successful Belgian programs in the country and hear an accomplished breeder’s perspective and approach to breeding champion horses and dominant breeding stock that carried their influence across the continent.  In this episode we discuss:

  • The history of Orndorff Belgians
  • How Orndorff’s came to own Congolaise
  • How Congolaise shaped Orndorff Belgians
  • Some of the strengths and weaknesses of the Congolaise line in Corbly’s opinion
  • Some of the history of Congolaise’s famous sons and daughters and how they continued their sire’s legacy
  • & much, much more
Congolaise- Belgian Stallion
Congolaise, pictured with Charles Orndorff and Christina (Orndorff) Lemley
Orndorff's Highland Congolaise Orndorff's Congolaise Classic Orndorff's Congolaise Supreme
Three Full Brothers: L-R, Orndorff’s Congolaise Supreme, Orndorff’s Congolaise Classic, Orndorff’s Highland Congolaise; sired by Congolaise out of Orndorff’s Highland Sue.
Orndorff's Congolaise Supreme
Orndorff’s Congolaise Supreme, the horse who would take the place of Congolaise at the Orndorff breeding farm and subsequently shape the entire Belgian breed.  
Orndorff’s Congolaise Classic, a tremendous show and breeding horse for the Hale Brothers in Lovington, IL.
H.B. Classic's Alpha
H.B. Classic’s Alpha, a daughter of Orndorff’s Congolaise Classic and one of the greatest show mares of her day; a multi-national champion.
Oakland's Unifon
Oakland’s Unifon, a giant of a mare acquired by Orndorff’s to cross with Supreme. She would produce numerous winning show horses from this cross, most notably Orndorff’s Supreme U2, Orndorff Supreme Unity and Orndorff’s Supreme Unique
Orndorff's Supreme Unique
Orndorff’s Supreme Unique, a great show mare who would become a great breeding mare. She was part of many winning get of sire and produce of dam entries. (Pictured as a 2 year old.)
Orndorff's Supreme Unity
Orndorff’s Supreme Unity, one of the great show mares of the early 90’s for Orndorff Belgians.
Orndorff's Supreme U2
Christina (Orndorff) Lemley showing Orndorff’s Supreme U2 to the late Don Ruhl during a farm tour at Orndorff Belgians in the early 90’s. U2 stood 19.1 hands.
Jay Lou Supreme
Jay Lou Supreme, a son of Orndorff’s Congolaise Supreme bred by Glenn Montgomery. He would go on to make a mark at the Hale program and later at Chris Jess’ farm.
Orndorff's U2 Charlie
Orndorff’s U2 Charlie, a son of Orndorff’s Supreme U2. Charlie would go on to produce the next generation of dominant sires for Orndorff’s as well as many of the mares who would get bred to the L&C Koorry sons, Korry’s Captain and Korry’s Conqueror, ushering in a new era of hitch horses into the Belgian breed.

For more information on this line of horses, look up Orndorff Belgians and Valley View Farm in the annual Belgian Review publication.

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4 thoughts on “Draft Horse Digest Podcast – Ep 14 – The Famous Congolaise w Corbly Orndorff”

  1. what magnificent Belgians! You don’t see that kind of top line neck musculature every day. Thank you for sharing. I recently saw a similar Belgian stallion listed on Youtube – his name was CJ Mitch – selling in 2011 at Harrisburg; wonder if he is a descendant? Wow!

    1. CJ Mitch would go back to some of the Meadowbrook breeding since he is somewhat line-bred Constrico, however, in his 5 generation pedigree he wouldn’t have too much in common with the foundational Orndorff lines other than that. Thanks for listening to the show. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. Thanks so much for making this available! Such a well of knowledge. I had the pleasure to visit the Orndorff’s Farm.

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