Draft Horse Digest Podcast – Ep 16 – Best Bitting Practices w Rod Kohler

Rod Kohler joins us for Episode 16 of the podcast to discuss how he finds the right bits for the mares he drives.  Rod has competed and won at the highest levels of competition in the draft horse show ring and we are fortunate that he is willing to share some of his insight with us for this episode.  We discuss:

  • The bits Rod used to use
  • Some of the bits Rod is using now
  • The “look” Rod is trying to achieve
  • What part dental health plays when driving horses
  • tongue relief

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2 thoughts on “Draft Horse Digest Podcast – Ep 16 – Best Bitting Practices w Rod Kohler”

  1. I enjoyed the discussion on bits. Do you have a specific contact info or link to the bit company discussed? Thanks!

    1. Ann,
      http://www.mylerbitsusa.com has some great bitting options. I have found a good starting bit for young drafts is an 04. Some horses may stay in that bit while others progress to a “harsher” bit with maturity. Kevin and Sheila Paul make Interchangeable Driving Bits and their 3/8 smooth mullen is a great bit to start with. They offer different mouthpiece options to be used with your same cheek pieces and it can be more econimical than buying another whole bit from Myler. Thanks for listening!

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