Draft Horse Digest Podcast – Ep 19 – Foaling: A New Chapter, A New Life

In Episode 19 we are discussing the subject of foaling and all that goes with it.  Windermere Farms has delivered well over 100 foals and Gerald and Melissa give us some of the tips and information they have garnered over the course of 4 decades of breeding experience.  In this episode we discuss:

  • labor signs in mares
  • monitoring mares
  • foaling inside vs. outside
  • delivering foals
  • what to do when a mare isn’t milking
  • helping foals stand
  • helping foals drink
  • when to wean
  • much, much more

Percheron Mare and Foal

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4 thoughts on “Draft Horse Digest Podcast – Ep 19 – Foaling: A New Chapter, A New Life”

    1. We have used it and it works great. We only stitch it in when the mare is very close though, because we have found that over an extended period of time they have a tendency to rub them out.

  1. Great show! My question is whether or not to let the little one in the ring with the mother during a cart class? Do judges frown on that? The reason being I want to leave the little one on the mother as long as possible.

    1. James,
      There are times when we have foals make the trip to a show with their mothers if it can’t be avoided, of if we are showing the mare and the foal. We work with the foals at home when the mare is driving and tie them in the stall during this time. It teaches them to tie, and also positively impacts their learning curve on handling and halter breaking. While the mare is in the ring, the foal should be able to tolerate being separated for a few minutes by the time you are taking them to a show. At larger shows, you won’t be allowed to have them in the ring which hitch classes are going on anyway, and having them in the stall is safer for the foal and all people involved as well.

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