Draft Horse Digest Podcast – Ep 32 – Talking Outcrosses w Tom Vybiral

In Episode 32 we are joined by Tom Vybiral of Doubletail Farm in North Carolina.  Tom frequently shares his views on genetics and breeding via social media and we thought it would make for an interesting discussion to have him discuss his philosophies on utilizing outside genetics in the draft registries to achieve genetic diversity, on the podcast.  In this episode Tom discusses:

  • The history and origin of the Belgian breed
  • Some of the evidence Tom has compiled that points to a possibility of outside blood being utilized before the days of DNA testing
  • The shire stallion Sorrel Cloud and how he may have influenced the Belgian breed
  • Tom’s thoughts on how to implement outcross/outside breeding into a registry
  • How Phenotype selection was used in Belgium
  • Much more!
Elegant Du Marais
Elegant Du Marais, a foundation stallion Tom refers to in this episode.
Siehl's Kenny Farceur
Siehl’s Kenny Farceur, a horse referenced in this episode. Tom reports this horse was too modern for his time. He also believes this horse to carry the blood of the Shire stallion, Sorrel Cloud.
Siehl's Trippsee Farceur
Siehl’s Trippsee Farceur
Sorrel Cloud, Shire Stallion.
The Shire Stallion, Sorrel Cloud. Tom feels there is strong evidence that Siehl’s Kenny Farceur and Siehl’s Trippsee Farceur are direct descendants of this stallion.
suffolk stallion
A champion stallion from the Chicago International in the 1930’s. This Suffolk could pass for a Belgian and has many features of the Belgians of today. Tom points to this as further evidence of bred registries being little more than a human construct and a case for allowing outside blood back into a closed registry.
Double O Glow
One of Tom’s foundation mares, Double O Glow shows some coloration, including a “watch eye” consistent with Clyde or Shire breeding. Tom feels strongly that she has outcross bloodlines behind her.

Below is an article Tom has penned discussing the topic of this episode in further detail.  Click on the thumbnails to open the page in a larger view.

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