Draft Horse Digest Podcast -Ep 34 – Master’s Eddie: A Belgian Revolution

In this episode Corbly Orndorff rejoins us to discuss another consequential Belgian stallion: the famous Master’s Eddie.  Eddie was a revolutionary stallion in the Belgian breed, transforming the landscape through the introduction of a new generation of performance horses.  Corbly gives us a detailed history lesson about Eddie’s lineage and his prominent sons.  In this episode we discuss:

  • Master’s Eddie’s sire and dam lines
  • Several of Eddie’s prominent sons
  • A few of Eddie’s good daughters
  • Why Corbly feels he could have utilized Eddie more in his own program
  • Corbly’s opinion about where the Belgian breed is headed and why he feels strongly that we are not at a point of needing to utilize outside genetics to diversify the gene pool further and should be careful about historical speculation
Master's Eddie
The prolific Master’s Eddie, himself. A son of Master’s Gwynne and out of Gloria Du Marais
Master's Ice
Master’s Ice, a son of Master’s Eddie who replaced Eddie as the McMain’s herd sire at Double M Belgians before he was leased to Daniel Dienner in Pennsylvania. He sired several successful hitch geldings.
R.K.D. Eddie
RKD Eddie, an Eddie son who came out of the House breeding program and spent time in several different breeding programs, including Orndorff Belgians where he sired Orndorff’s Eddie Debut. He had perhaps the best underpinning of the Eddie sons and a tremendous moving horse.
Orndorff's Eddie Debut
Orndorff’s Eddie Debut, as a two year old selling at the Gordyville sale. he was consigned by Lewis Biddle and went on to stand in the midwest and produce some Gordyville sale topping daughters.
Paradise Conquistador
Paradise Conquistador, a good sized Eddie son known for producing powerful daughters. He is the grandsire of the well known National Champion mare Pine Grove Kayleen exhibited by Stoney Lake Belgians.
Monette's Master Mike
Monette’s Master’s Mike, a prolific Eddie son who Corbly Orndorff feels was a missed opportunity for the Orndorff’s Belgians program. He sired several well known sons in the breed.
Monette's Master's Mike
Another picture of Monette’s Master’s Mike
Dana's Master Justin
Dana’s Master Justin, a son of Monette’s Master’s Mike, was a dominant producer when he stood at Oak Haven Belgians, producing daughters who could dominate the hitch ring.
Burr Creek Mike
Burr Creek Mike, a son of Monette’s Master’s Mike, another dominant sire who had a prolific show career and influenced multiple breeding programs.
Loyalea Eddie Master Peace
Loyalea Eddie Master Peace, an Eddie grandson by way of his mother. Shown to Reserve World Champion by Robert Detweiler under the Lane’s End Belgian label.
Chickasaw Master's Prince
Chickasaw Master’s Prince, bred by the Sassman family, was a son of Loyalea Eddie Master Peace. He stood for a number of years at Spring Hill Farms, (Levi Beachy and Family). He sold through their production sale in 2016 at the age of 17 for $30,000. Stacie Lynch Photo.

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