Draft Horse Digest Podcast – Ep 9 – Mare Power w Ryan Burger


This week on the podcast we are joined by Ryan Burger of Burger Percherons.  The Beth Burger Family has been breeding champion Percherons off their family farm in Ohio for several decades and continue to be a top competitor in the halter ring while also breeding horses that have been winning in the hitch arena for other farms.  Since Ryan has taken over most of the breeding operations at Burger Percherons they have enjoy an immense amount of success, breeding and exhibiting champions at multiple state fairs and the National Percheron Show, as well several World Champions to their credit.  Nearly all of their horses are traceable to one solid foundation mare, and in this episode Ryan gives us an inside look at what has helped to make their breeding operation so successful and what was special about that one foundation mare.

Madison- World Champion mare

In this episode we discuss:

  • The foundation mare of Burger Percherons, Koncarnona Misty
  • What criteria makes a great foundation mare
  • What Ryan looks for when selecting a stallion to breed to
  • Why it is important to avoid becoming “barn blind”
  • How you can use other breeding programs to improve your herd
  • What Ryan sees as the challenges facing our draft breeds
  • much, much more!

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