You might have some questions about the Draft Horse Digest, we've laid out some details below.

What is the Draft Horse Digest?

The Draft Horse Digest is an online resource that provides news, information, resources, advise and tips about all things draft horse related.  We bring this information to you via multi media platforms so there is truly something for everyone!

Is there a cost?

The best part about the Draft Horse Digest is that it is a free resource.  We will bring you the compilation of decades of industry experience and bring in other experts, manufacturers, horsemen and women and industry pioneers to talk about how to maximize your draft horses' potential!

How often will the podcast air?

Right now, we are hoping to be able to bring you new podcast content on a bi-weekly basis.  Planning episodes and lining up recording sessions is time consuming and the experts we have lined up are busy running companies and taking care of their own horses!

How can I submit a discussion topic?

We like how you are thinking!  We want the podcast to be filled with the content you are looking for.  Currently we have several guests and topics lined up but once we are taking suggestions we will open up an email address that can be used for submissions.