PHAOA & Education Fund Series- w/ Elaine Beardsley


The former headquarters of the Percheron Horse Association of America, which is currently owned (and listed for sale) by the Education and Charitable Fund

Elaine Beardsley is the former Secretary of the Percheron Horse Association of America.  She was also the Secretary/Treasurer of the Percheron Horse Association of America Education and Charitable Fund.  Elaine gave 33 years of service to the Association and has a lot of first hand knowledge regarding the history of the Association and the Education Fund and its origins.

*Please note:  The cell phone connection with Elaine was poor at times, but the information is decipherable and Elaine’s insight is very valuable.  Thanks for your patience with the audio quality.

We discuss:

  • Elaine’s background with the association
  • Elaine’s background and involvement with the Education Fund
  • Elaine’s duties as secretary of the PHAOA
  • A historical view of the Education Fund and its origin
  • What the purpose of the building and the barns was intended to be
  • The lease agreement between the two entities.
  • A general discussion of the financial situation of the Association
  • Elaine’s perspective on how the tension between the two entities started
  • Elaine’s opinion on the future of the office building in Fredericktown
  • Elaine’s perspective on how to turn the financial outlook and member participation around for the Association

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