PHAOA & Education Fund Series- w/ Kathleen Phelps

Kathleen Phelps is an equestrian who is no longer a member of the Percheron Horse Association of America.  Kathleen has made it clear that she feels like she is part of a forgotten group of horse owners and enthusiasts whom are left out and not prioritized by the Association.  Kathleen continues involvement with Percherons, but has branched out into other kinds of equine events that seem more open to all exhibitors and horse owners.  We discuss:

  • Kathleen’s background with Percherons
  • Why Kathleen feels that the Association has neglected to support the “little guy”
  • What Kathleen thinks could occur to turn the Association around in terms of membership numbers
  • Why Kathleen currently does not see value in paying membership dues to the PHAOA
  • Some of Kathleen’s ideas for events at the World Congress and other shows

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